Top 3 ways to prepare for a flawless makeup application
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Top 3 ways to prepare for a flawless makeup application

Top 3 ways to prepare for a flawless makeup application 


1. Start working on your best skin now! 

Makeup can only look as good as the skin underneath it. My goal as an artist is never to cover you up, I enhance your natural beauty! Start taking the time to build an excellent and consistent skincare routine so that by the time your wedding day arrives, your skin is in its best condition. Regular facials, dermaplaning, and exfoliation are also great ways to treat your skin. The earlier you start, the better! Drink tons of water and take your vitamins 

2. Facial Hair 411

As a licensed Esthetician/ Makeup Artist I highly recommend that you get your eyebrows waxed, threaded, sugared at least 5 days before your wedding. That includes, chin & upper lip. Everyone’s skin is different, you don’t want to encounter any swelling, redness, or breakouts before the big day. Having your eyebrows properly groomed and shaped highly reflects in your photos, as an artist concealing, stray hairs is one of the hardest tasks. 

3Use Waterproof Products!!! 

As a Bridal makeup Artist I cannot stress the importance of using waterproof makeup! From the primer to the eyeshadow base, the mascara & eyeliner, even the eyebrows I use waterproof & water resistant products! From happy tears to sweating on the dance floor and kissing your groom, this will ensure you’re makeup will last the entire night. 

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